«Russian Evenings in Cyprus» is a social and cultural project for Russian-speaking population of the island and all those who love Russian culture. Project involves meetings with compatriots and friends and provides opportunities for personal and business contacts, as well as leisure with nice and friendly people.

Shows and concerts of various musical ensembles, artists, comics and singers are the core of these nights, however their performances – is just a reason to gather together. It is planed to issue project’s membership cards granting discounts, bonuses and providing card owners with special offers from project’s partners.

«Russian Evenings»: one year in Cyprus: past events «Zveri», «Elka», «BI-2», «Leningrad», «The Night Snipers» and Leonid Agutin, «Lyapis-98» и «Agata Kristy»,  «Big StandUp», «Time machine», «Leningrad», «Bravo», «Splean», Bolero .