«Russian Eves in Cyprus» is a club for special people who love Russian culture. Everithing in Cyprus is more expensive than in Russia or Europe. That is why organization of high- level concert projects is almost impossible without sponsors and partners participation.

Informational partners provide assistance in promoting the project, receiving cross-promotion and exclusive content in return.

Commercial partners contribute to the organization of the project by buying partner packages that enable them to:

- increase recognition of brand, services and products
- increase sales
- increase customers’ loyalty level
- attract new clients and partners
- solidify successful and trustworthy image of the partner-company
- make the «Russian world» in Cyprus a little better. 

Benefactors help to invite guests of higher level and status to perform in Cyprus, as well as bring joy to particular groups of people. 

Partner status:

There are 3  partner statuses:
1.General partner – a representative partner on all advertisements, positioned as a sole co-organizer. The logo of the general partner takes up no less than 6% of overall advertising space.

2.Official partner – positioned on all advertising mediums. The logo of an official partner takes up no less than 4% of overall advertising space. The project is designed for only 2 official partners.

3.Partner – positioned at the location of the project and in all printing promo-materials in the «Partners» category. Only up to 4 partners of this status can be potentially involved in the project.

All types of partnership imply exclusiveness in a certain category of services or products.